Setting up and running a business has never been easy. To ensure a smooth and error-free operation, a tailored IT infrastructure paired with appropriate software systems is crucial. BNC provides one-stop IT consultancy services range from single computer solutions to multi-sites system development that suit the needs of your business. By analysing every unique operation, we provide target oriented strategic IT solutions that tackles every problem that your company is facing. We are committed not only to operation enhancement and maximizing cost effectiveness but most importantly increasing your profitability.





Process Analysis


Understanding Your Needs is the Key to Success


BNC’s thorough understanding of every operational process allows BNC to provide with you the most appropriate IT solutions within your budget. Our team of well-trained IT specialists are geared to examine every aspect of your business operation to identify as many enhancement opportunities as possible. BNC aims to maximizing efficiency, cost effectiveness, accuracy, reliability and profitability. We believe only the best solutions can justify the mutual success for both your business and BNC. As profitability is often the number one mission in most organisations, our goal is to identify areas where IT solutions can increase your efficiency and reduce your costs.


A Systematic Analysis


BNC conducts a systematic analysis of the various areas of IT infrastructure to identify the areas in which cost savings and efficiency gains may be realized. We will examine your current IT practices and determine areas where IT can help your company to reach these goals. Once we have identified areas in which improvements can be made, we select from the entire range of available options and propose to you the appropriate solution with a price point that allows you to realize real and tangible cost savings to your business.





IT Strategic Planning


It is critical to address the business needs in a strategic information technology plan. BNC’s long experience has given us the methodologies and tools required to formulate a plan tailored to the needs of your organization. Having a strategic IT plan that addresses your specific business needs allows you to rationalize your IT spending to make the greatest impact on your bottom line. We will deliver prioritized recommendations, timelines, and projected costs, so that you can see clearly the road ahead, leading towards greater efficiency and increased profits.


Quite simply, as any organization grows and changes, certain needs inevitably develop. Well managed companies realize the need to plan ahead for this development. If IT needs are addressed only when they arise, the result can be a patch-work of incompatible technologies, and inefficient processes. BNC’s strategic planning will ensure your IT investment avoids these common errors, allowing you to realize competitive gains in your industry. A more efficient company is a more profitable company, and because BNC offers consulting and technology expertise, we can ensure that your IT investment will help you keep your competitive edge for years to come.


How will BNC Deliver this?


BNC starts by thoroughly analyzing your current IT usage as it relates to your organization's overall goals. We determine if the current processes and infrastructure can support those goals and, if not, we discover what is needed. We help make sure that your IT objectives are focused on supporting the goals of the overall organization.


The next step will be to share our initial findings and discuss with your management your objectives for the future. In response to this, we will provide a detailed description of the available technologies that can help move your organization towards these goals. Finally, we will present our internal analysis of your current IT usage, identifying strengths and weaknesses. In other cases, existing IT infrastructure could be re-organized for improvement, in some other cases, technologies will have to be replaced or upgraded. We will give you a top-to-bottom plan for how your organization’s IT infrastructure can help to realize your company’s goals.

IT Strategic Planning Process



In order to respond quickly in the ever changing business environment, technological advances, intensified competition and new regulations, you need a plan. With BNC, you have a partner who can help you to select the right IT solutions.


You might consider hiring your own people to deal with IT, however selecting qualified professionals is often a time consuming and expensive process, especially when you are not familiar with IT. After a comprehensive analysis, BNC will be able to identify areas for improvement. With our extensive industrial knowledge in technology we help you to choose the right hardware, software and service providers and anticipate expansion requirements as your business grows. As a result, a reliable IT consultant can allow you to save time and money, and to focus your attention where it does the most good - growing your core business.




  • Executive Summary: summary/synthesis of the strategic plan which include vision, mission, goals, drivers, key programs and initiatives, etc.
  • Current Position: a snap shot of the current information technology environment
  • Governance: details the IT Governance structure and links it to the strategic plan
  • Alignment: details current and proposed programs and initiatives in support of the proposed strategy





IT Infrastructure


IT Infrastructure has undergone many changes in the past few years. With the advent of cloud computing, advancements have been made in the ability to completely outsource hardware requirements. Network servers on hardware, either dedicated or hosted, are big, noisy and need replacement every 5 years or so. This can make IT infrastructure a major cost for businesses, when the business grows quickly and scaling up is required. IT infrastructure consists of hardware for servers, routers, and then network cabling and connections for bandwidth. In the past, this was dealt with thorough buying a server and an internet connection. Another way is to colocate a server at a data center and pay for bandwidth and monthly maintenance. Finally, one can use cloud computing to do all of these things, and simply pay for usage of data and bandwidth.


Cloud computing makes IT infrastructure a service where you pay only as you need more space. This can quite dramatically reduce the total cost of IT hardware and services over time. Cloud applications as a service also offers the small to medium size business an opportunity for further cost reduction in their IT infrastructure.


Depending on your plans for the future, cloud computing may be an appropriate solution for you. Of course, the traditional colocation services or dedicated server services offered by Internet Service Providers may be appropriate as well. BNC will help you with your infrastructure planning process by suggesting and helping you to implement the appropriate technology to support new and grow your business initiatives. BNC provides you with practical ways to guide your company through Internet-induced change:


  • Plan your infrastructure end to end. BNC will help you plan efficiently and effectively, and implement a scalable enterprise infrastructure.
  • Help you identify key infrastructure patterns within your organization, and how to use those patterns to derive reusable infrastructure services.
  • Assist you to make appropriate technology and personel choices: without the right people and processes, your technology choices won't bring the success that you expect.
  • Achieve the right balance between immediate needs and long-term goals. You must be able to change what you are doing while you are still doing it. We will help you meet your current needs while planning to meet the future needs of your growing company.


We build partnership and trust with our clients rather then just treating them a customer. We hope to develop long term relationships that grow as your company does. This is why we identify comprehensive solutions that can allow your company to develop and face new challenges as your success increases your size. We help you to anticipate the issues that arise as your company develops and propose plans to keep you ahead of the competition. We are ready to help you develop your IT systems from the start: we can help you set up your computer, set up your network, get your email working, and get your business running smoother. Our comprehensive planning takes the time to identify potential problems before they happen, and help you get working on the solutions





Information Security


Information security consists of protecting your data and network against attack. Our information security service helps you identify the potential threats that your company is facing both inside and outside your computer system. We will evaluate your current security measures and create a plan to keep your company more secure. We can provide you with a cost-effective answer to the threats of the modern technology world, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business. From the basics to the advanced, we help you secure your business to give you the peace of mind you need.

Businesses rely more and more on IT to support their activities, and this makes them increasingly vulnerable to threats from hackers, viruses and even their own staff. Having the right information at the right time can make the difference between success and failure for your business. Effective security can help you control and secure information from malicious changes and deletions or from unauthorised disclosure.

There are many steps to this process, such as protecting individual computers against virus attacks or malware, using antivirus software, protecting networks against intrusion, and protecting customer details against theft. BNC offers greater security through our professional analysis and threat proofing procedures. Contact us today for more information on how we can help secure your business.





Software Asset Management (SAM)


The objectives of software asset management are to reduce software cost and avoid legal risks of improper use of software licences. It often poses a challenge for IT department to ensure every piece of software in the company is properly licensed while no excessive licences are being idled.


Under licensed

Under licensing not only incur higher support costs from vendors but increases the risk of being have to pay for fines and penalties. Vendors and organisations such as the Business Software Alliance (BSA) may require companies to complete a software audit. Failing to comply may lead to legal prosecution. It has been proven that accurately applying software use rights can substantially reduce licence consumption.


Over licensed

Under licensing is not the only risk in software licensing, being over licensed is also a threat to your business. Companies will not be fined for over licensing, however they will be paying more than they actually needed for software, as well as the maintenance and support services that go with it. About one third of your overall IT expenses go towards software, over licensing and inefficient software purchasing can quickly make build up a negative effect to your budget. This include continue paying for maintenance on retired or unused applications, failing to reuse licences for staffs who have left the business, ad-hoc software purchases that might result duplicated licences that already covered by a site licence or enterprise agreement, all of these justify the importance of tracking licences or maintenance renewal dates.


As your business grows, software asset management will eventually become a complicated issue in your IT strategy. BNC has the expertise, knowledge and experience to ensure you pay only for what you needed, and keeps your business away from unpleasant legal proceedings relating to software licencing. We are committed to help you make the best value out of your software investments as well as recommend the most suitable software mix that your business require.





Low cost open source solutions


BNC offers products and service around Linux and other Open source solutions. We extend the common Windows platform to Linux and Web based solutions to help you save licensing costs. With BNC open source solutions experts, we evaluate your status and propose the best market ready open source solutions which fits your needs, thus manage software licensing cost to minimal.

Our services include:

    • Linux/Unix System Deployment, Administration and Maintenance
    • Windows/Linux/Unix/MacOS integration
    • Deployment of other specific open-source solutions


Solutions Include but not limited to:

    • Operating Systems
    • Servers - Web, Database, Email, FTP, File, etc.
    • Web Browsers and Email clients
    • Video conferencing & Instant Messaging Engines
    • Voice Over IP Solutions
    • Office Productivity and Graphics Packages
    • E-commerce and Accounting Solutions
    • ERP Solutions




Advance Wireless Network Infrastructure

In today’s rapidly changing business environment, organizations are looking for mobility solutions that help them connect more closely with customers, partners, and employees while maintaining a secure and manageable network infrastructure. We identify the appropriate solutions for allowing you to connect to your network where and when you need it. From wireless LANs inside the office to extended networks, such as USB wireless VPNs, our consultants will help you stay connected from wherever you need to. Advanced wireless services help companies maintain innovation, agility, and differentiation. BNC can help your IT department to meet increased bandwidth and performance demands, managing a wide variety of new mobile devices, while guaranteeing network access, availability, and regulatory compliance.





Ethernet Over Power Line


For a multi-room premises not wired with CAT5/CAT6 cables, and where wireless LAN also seems not working satisfactorily, it will be a painful and expensive project to retrofit new network cabling. Under such a harsh environment, Ethernet Over Power Line will probably be your only option if you cannot accept messy cables travelling all over your office.


Ethernet Over Power Line is a technology that allows you to move data over AC power lines, and offers a great alternative to wireless, or having ethernet cables strung about your premises. It allows users to access the network and the internet from any room by extending Ethernet connections over in-wall power line cables. This can realize cost savings as well as being aesthetically pleasing.


BNC is well equipped and experienced in applying this technology for your clients. We keep close watch on the market to identify the best available hardware for powerline ethernet. Contact us for more information about this specialized solution.