We Exist To Help You Succeed

For companies that merely use information technology (IT) for spreadsheet production and word processing, some other IT applications may seem too complicated, frightening, or even a waste of time! With BNC on your team though, IT is no longer a painful complicated experience. We provide the most user-friendly, advanced, and efficient solutions, help you understand how they can make your operation more efficient, and deliver the package to you at affordable prices. Whether you are running a small to medium size enterprise or a multinational corporation, our mission is to deliver turnkey strategic IT solutions that help your business to save costs and boost profits.


We understand the importance of getting the most value out of your IT investments, and we are committed to provide the best solution within your IT budget. BNC offers support services for companies both with and without existing IT staff. We can build the entire IT infrastructure for a business, support and maintain it via remote system monitoring, deliver on-site IT support, telephone support, or tailored IT support contracts depending on your needs. Our team of experienced IT specialists are geared to cater to your specific needs, from addressing a specific problem to analyzing your current IT usage and suggesting comprehensive IT solutions as well as demonstrating how such solutions will allow you to save costs and increase your bottom line.



Why Does Your Business Need BNC?


  • To create a competitive edge for your business by making the best use of the latest technology;
  • To increase the efficiency, accuracy and reliability of your operation processes by maximizing the degree of automation wherever possible;
  • To minimize labour cost for repetitive and routine tasks;
  • To monitor operation performance with the aid of report automation in areas such as financial status, employee attendance and punctuality, inventory movement and status, sales performance, sales trends, etc.;
  • To improve communication between different departments and with customers;
  • To make good use of internet marketing effectively;
  • To reveal new markets & opportunities;
  • To become truly global.



BNC - Your Perfect IT Partner

With BNC on your team, you will have more time to concentrate on developing your business. We offer a tailored package of IT solutions that assists you to achieve your ultimate goals without distracting you from your main purpose:  increasing your business! Our team of professional engineers help maintain and optimize your IT system and prevent failures, which include:


  • Hardware and Software Performance Optimization
  • Virus, Spyware and Invasive Software Removal
  • System and Software Updates
  • Disk Data De-fragmentation
  • IT Trouble Shooting
  • Overall System consultation